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Who We Serve

You need someone you can rely on to provide trusted, objective and competent advice…advisors who have built a reputation on these qualities and relationships.

Ultimately, everything we do is founded on trust that we have earned from our clients. Here is a selection of the incredible types of relationships that we have had the privilege of building over the years…do you see yourself?


You have worked your whole adult life expecting to be able to enjoy your later years. By planning for longevity and preparing for the possibility of life’s uncertainties, we can help you achieve your goals. Collaborating with you and continuously reviewing your investment strategies and other important elements in your life will give you the knowledge and certainty that you are making the best financial decisions regarding your retirement. We believe that you and your family should be able to enjoy the retirement years as you dreamed, and we will do everything we can to help you achieve that dream.

Business Owner/Entrepreneur

You need an objective, critical thinking advisor that can provide high-level business strategies that are unique to your business and succession plans. Spending time with you and learning the intricate details and visions for your company allows us to identify and incorporate a plan that will navigate the balance of risk and return as you move through the different phases of your growing business. Whether you need help managing cash flow, structuring employee benefits, reducing tax burdens or a solid succession plan, we will bring the tools and skill necessary to make your business the success you envisioned.

Corporate Executive

Your hard work and dedication through the years have brought you to the corporate executive level. As your profile and job responsibilities has grown so has the complexity of your compensation. Establishing and implementing a strategy that will maximize your compensation while minimizing your tax liabilities is one of the few ways that we can help in optimizing your financial future. We will be here to support you as you address the complex issues of stock options and restricted stock as well as prepare a financial plan to be in place to protect your family from life’s uncertainties.


In a time of loss, we realize that it is very difficult to comprehend all of the decisions that have to be made during this very emotional time. We will watch out for you and guide you through the entire estate settlement process and provide you with a clear view of your financial situation. We will work side by side with your legal team and other advisors to help preserve your wealth and income for your lifetime and the future of your family.


Worry and apprehension of the future is normal during this transition and is it easy to get lost in the emotions of the situation. Working with a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst allows you to clearly identify and understand the complex financial and tax issues that often come up in a divorce. We can help alleviate the fear of the unknown and allow you to feel more confident and secure about your finances and your future by taking the time to formulate a detailed financial plan that will focus on your current and future needs.


Trusts are very useful tools to convey wealth, manage assets, avoid probate, protect your privacy, and reduce taxes. Let's discuss if one is right for you and your family.

Donor Advised Funds

Donor advised funds offer the most advantageous tax deductions of any charitable giving vehicle. Let us help you understand these advantages and see if one of these funds fit into your long term goals.

Foundations and Endowments

Working with someone who understands the unique withdrawal and spending requirements that make foundations and endowments different from other long-term investments is critical for the perpetuity of these accounts.

Retirement Plans

Salary is no longer the sole compensation driver for new employees. They are also looking at the overall benefits package and its potential to adequately prepare them for their retirement. Every business is different so we want to take the time to discuss and prepare a customized retirement plan that fits your company’s long-term objectives. Providing your employees with a retirement plan can create a loyal and dedicated relationship that will make a difference in your business.